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{{Lx|Tag|Name|Namespace|Label}} produces TagName (संपादन|Label|इतिहास|दुवे|पहा|नोंद)

This template is a metatemplate for the Template:Ln-family. This template should normally not be used on its own. Its purpose is to ensure that all ln-template looks the same.

Optional parameters[संपादन]

  • noedit - adding noedit=yes will disable and hide the "edit" link.
  • notalk - adding notalk=yes will disable and hide the customizable link. (This link is usually customized as a "talk" link in templates that transclude this template.)
  • nohistory - adding nohistory=yes will disable and hide the "history" link.
  • nolinks - adding nolinks=yes will disable and hide the "links" link.
  • nowatch - adding nowatch=yes will disable and hide the "watch" link.
  • nologs - adding nologs=yes will disable and hide the "logs" link. (At this time, using this parameter unfortunately doesn't hide the "|" that appears before the "logs" link; however, there will probably never be a case where the "logs" link should not appear.)
  • cfd2 - (The sole purpose of this parameter is for custom formatting which appears in Template:Cfd2. The only transclusion of this template with the "cfd2" parameter should be Template:Lc1 [which is transcluded in Template:Cfd2, so, in effect, this parameter is used in all transclusions of Template:Cfd2].)