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{{Location map
|label      = label text
|label_size = map font size, per cent
|position   = left or right or top or bottom or none – 
               position of the label relative to the mark, defaults to right
|background = color, background color for the label, defaults to none 
|lon_dir=W    longitude: W=west, E=east (default)
|lat_dir=S    latitude: S=south, N=north (default)
|lat_deg    = latitude degrees
|lat_min    = latitude minutes
|lat_sec    = latitude seconds
|lon_deg    = longitude degrees
|lon_min    = longitude minutes
|lon_sec    = longitude seconds
|lat        = latitude (decimal format; enter negative numbers for southern latitude)
|long       = longitude (decimal format; enter negative numbers for western longitude)
|mark       = marker image file name, a red dot by default
|marksize   = marker size, default=8
|border     = border color or none
|caption    = map caption; for no caption enter "caption="; if the parameter is omitted then the caption will be "Marker text (location map name)"
|float      = left or right or center or none
|width      = map width
|AlternativeMap = Alternative map file name (changes background map, border coordinates are determined based on the map name); this is only recommended for use in templates }}

Parameter location refers to {Template:Location map location} containing the name and coordinates of a map.