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Template:Infobox animanga

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This template is maintained by Wikipedia:WikiProject Anime and manga. It is designed to handle anime, manga, their associated films, OVAs, and other related media, in a single modular infobox.


This infobox is constructed by sandwiching one or more components between a header and footer. For consistency, it is recommended that components be sorted by release date.

Unless otherwise noted, fields should reflect original Japanese dates and editions, as multiple countries/languages lead to clutter.

For consistency, the infobox should remain within the scope of its host article. If, for example, separate pages exist for an anime and its associated film, the film component should not appear on the anime page, and vice versa. The "Other" component may be used to provide links to such closely related works. Similarly, if an article's primary topic is not an anime or manga series, and such series do not receive more than an incidental mention, the article should use the infobox designed for the media type of its focus (e.g. articles on novels and novel series should use {{Infobox Book}}, articles on films should use {{Infobox film}}, etc.).

The title parameter in each component is optional, and should be used when the title of the specific anime/manga/etc. differs from the name parameter in the header or (if none is given) the article's title.

Other parameters are documented in the following sections.


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Audio drama[संपादन]

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Note: These examples might not contain accurate information.

An invented example[संपादन]

Go Go! Encyclopedia Girls
Wikipe-tan and her sisters
いけいけ! 百科事典娘
(Ike Ike! Hakkajiten Musume)
शैली Action, Romance
Written by Jimbo Wales and १,६३,५३८ others
Illustrated by User:Kasuga~enwiki
Published by Wikimedia Foundation
Magazine Wikipedia
Original run January 15, 2001 – present
Volumes ९६,९०३ articles
{{Infobox animanga/Header
| name            = Go Go! Encyclopedia Girls
| image           = [[File:Wikipe-tan manga page1.jpg|260px]]
| caption         = Wikipe-tan and her sisters
| ja_kanji        = いけいけ!百科事典娘
| ja_romaji       = Ike Ike! Hakkajiten Musume
| genre           = [[Action (fiction)|Action]], [[Romance novel|Romance]]
{{Infobox animanga/Print
| type            = manga
| author          = [[Jimbo Wales]] and [[Special:ListUsers|{{NUMBEROFUSERS}} others]]
| illustrator     = [[User:Kasuga]]
| publisher       = [[Wikimedia Foundation]]
| magazine        = [[Wikipedia]]
| first           = January 15, 2001
| last            = 
| volumes         = {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} articles
{{Infobox animanga/Footer}}

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