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विकिपीडिया, मुक्‍त ज्ञानकोशातून
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Information icon.svg या साच्यात काही कठीण किंवा अवघड भाग आहेत.
यात कोणताही बदल करण्यापूर्वी, याची माहिती काळजीपूर्वक वाचा. हा साचा बर्‍याच लेखात वापरला जात आहे. तुम्ही केलेल्या बदलांमुळे अनपेक्षित समस्या उद्भवल्यास, कृपया, आपले बदल त्वरीत काढून टाकावेत.
तुम्ही या साच्यावर प्रयोग करून पाहू शकता परंतु, तुमचे प्रयोग जतन करण्याआधी ते जरुर तपासावेत. ते प्रयोग , धूळपाटी साचा‎ या पानांवर किंवा, तुमच्या सदस्य पानावर करून बघितल्यास विकिपीडियामधील पानांवर उत्पात होणार नाही.


ऑलिंपिक खेळात {{देश माहिती {{{NOC}}}|देश नाव दुवा no link}}
{{देश माहिती {{{NOC}}} | देश ध्वजचिन्ह-olympic | variant = | 180x120px}}
राष्ट्रीय ध्वज
संकेत   {{{NOC}}}
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This infobox is intended to be used indirectly on all the "Country at the year Olympics" pages. It is a meta-template that is used for the common layout of per-country infoboxes.


There are two sets of parameters for this infobox. Some will be common for all instances of a single country, so these are specified once in templates such as {{Infobox Olympics Greece}}. Others are specific for each Games, and would therefore be specified as parameters to the per-country template on individual pages such as Greece at the 1896 Summer Olympics.

three letter country code, as per List of IOC country codes
name (or wikilink) to the article of this country's National Olympic Committee, followed on the second link by an external link to the NOC's website (if available)
country code actually used at the specific Games, if different from the current one (e.g. HOL was used instead of NED for the Netherlands for many years)
year, plus "Summer" or "Winter", as in "2004 Summer" or "2006 Winter"
optional, replaces the default caption for the nation's flag, which is a wikilink to the appropriate "Flag of Country" article. This automatic link might not always work (for example [[Flag of the United Kingdom]] is most appropriate for GBR, instead of the automatically created caption of [[Flag of Great Britain]]
optional, if specified should be the number of competitors for the nation at the Games identified with the games argument
optional, indicates the number of sports in which this nation had athletes compete at the specified Games
optional, indicates the name of the person(s) who served as flagbearer at the opening and/or closing ceremonies
optional, indicates the number of officials the nation sent to the specified Games
number of gold medals won, defaults to 0 if not specified
number of silver medals won, defaults to 0 if not specified
number of bronze medals won, defaults to 0 if not specified
total number of medals won, defaults to 0 if not specified
optional, indicates the rank of the nation in the final medal count
optional, should be a list of links to other "Country at the year Summer Olympics" articles
optional, should be a list of links to other "Country at the year Winter Olympics" articles
optional, should be a list of links to other "Country at the year Olympics" articles, used to handle situations where athletes from a NOC had competed in another form (e.g. CZE used to be part of TCH)