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384310846 2010-09-12T02:07:13Z Courcelles Protected Template:IUCNlink: Batch semi-protection of high-visible templates based on [[Wikipedia:Database reports/Unprotected templates with many transclusions/5]] I will check if any were full protected. using [[WP:TW|TW]] ([edit=autoconfirmed] (indefi
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324026083 2009-11-05T04:08:50Z Ucucha title in italics, as the page title on the Red List is a scientific name
324025634 2009-11-05T04:04:52Z ThaddeusB fix
324025144 2009-11-05T04:01:07Z ThaddeusB add second, optional parameter for page title
324020747 2009-11-05T03:24:16Z Ucucha making it link to full account
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324017611 2009-11-05T03:01:02Z ThaddeusB fmt fix
324016590 2009-11-05T02:53:04Z Ucucha new, to link to IUCN pages and to enable correction of the links when they change them again