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This template is for including medal symbols in sporting event result tables, while preserving the ability for sort.

The {{Gold1}}, {{Silver2}}, and {{Bronze3}} templates support sorting in tables with one digit place numbers, while the {{Gold01}}, {{Silver02}}, and {{Bronze03}} templates support sorting in tables with two digit place numbers.


Simply insert the template where you would like to see the symbol. No parameters are required.


For tables where the sorted column contains only numbers and the above templates, sorting will work fine. However, if the column contains any non-numeric text, including the display value in any {{Sort}} templates, the sort function will perform a text sort instead of a numeric sort. To get the desired sort results it may be necessary to use the {{Sort}} template to specify appropriate sort keys to be inserted as hidden text in front of the displayed values. For example "{{Sort|9|DQ}}" displays "DQ" but sorts using "9 DQ".

Also, for text sorting to give appropriate results for numeric values, all values must have the same number of integer digits. Again, the {{Sort}} template can also be used for this. For example, "9" will sort higher than "10", but "{{Sort|09|9}}" will sort lower than "10". To support tables having where rank exceeds 9 that also have non-numeric content, the "{{Gold01}}", "{{Silver02}}", and "{{Bronze03}}" templates are provided. These templates yield short keys "01", "02", and "03". See the second example below.


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