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{{fossil range|first appearance (required)|last appearance|text to display|earliest=earliest putative fossil|latest=latest putative fossil|ref=References|PS=anything to display after the range}}
Italic parameters are optional, bold required.
Fossil range/doc
Carboniferous–Early Cretaceous
शास्त्रीय वर्गीकरण

Illustrates the fossil range of a taxon. Intended for use in {{taxobox}}es.

You can give a numeric range, or specify the periods involved. The range will be quoted in text before the timeline, unless you specify a third parameter - leaving it blank will result in no text being provided.

You can also specify "earliest" and "latest" to add a "ghost" bar beyond the accepted fossil range. You can use these parameters for whatever you like; they may be useful in the case of living fossils such as the coelocanth, where you may wish to specify latest=0 to make the bar faintly extend to the present; they bay also be useful where "earliest" fossils are not universally accepted - for instance, the octocorals only have a good fossil record from the Tertiary, but there are claims of Cambrian representatives. In this case, you may wish to specify earliest=middle Cambrian.

{{Fossil range|Permian}}


{{Fossil range|68|65|earliest=Permian|latest=0|PS= (See article for discussion)}}

68–65 Ma (See article for discussion)

{{Fossil range|68|65.5|Late Cretaceous}}

Late Cretaceous

{{Fossil range|68|65|}}

If you receive an error when specifying a period name, check you've spelt it right; if so, it probably isn't yet incorporated into the templates {{next period}} and {{period start}}. This is really easy to do, so feel free to add the period yourself to make future editors' lives easier!

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