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this is fake it is not real


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This template is used to create examples of heading wikimarkup in style guides and in essays such as Wikipedia:Verification methods, and to create examples of the output of code that generates ==Headings==, such as at Wikipedia:Manual of Style (glossaries), so that editors have a clear idea of what they'll get.

A fake heading will not appear in the table of contents and has a subtly different appearance so that it is distinguishable from an actual heading and doesn't confuse anyone. The grey it uses for the underline is intentionally darker than the real thing, its font size slightly smaller, and the underline width intentionally shorter than full page. The default output is ==-level or <h2>...</h2>.

To simulate ===Subheadings=== (<h3>...</h3>), scaled down a bit to match the default heading above, use the |sub=3 parameter (only the value "3" is supported - a ===Level 4=== looks just like boldfaced regular text, and lower levels are uncommon).


The code:

{{fake heading|FooBarBazQuux}}

{{fake heading|sub=3|QuuxBazBarFoo}}


results in: