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This template is placed on a talk page to request an edit of the corresponding page protected with Arbitration 30/500 protection.


Basic usage
{{edit extended-protected}}
Specify pages to be edited
{{edit extended-protected|First page to be edited|Second page to be edited|...}}
Deactivate a request
{{edit extended-protected|answered=yes}}
All parameters
{{edit extended-protected
| First page to be edited|Second page to be edited|Third page to be edited|...
| answered = 
| ans      = 
| demo     = 


All parameters are optional.

  • positional parameters - specify pages to be edited. You can add an unlimited number of pages.
  • answered or ans - set this to "yes", "y", "true" or "1" to mark the edit request as answered. This removes the page from the edit request category.
  • demo - set this to "yes", "y", "true" or "1" to demonstrate the template. This suppresses categories and namespace checks.

Responding to requests[संपादन]

See Wikipedia:Edit requests#Responding to requests.

See also[संपादन]