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विकिपीडिया, मुक्‍त ज्ञानकोशातून
oldid date/time username edit summary
961181405 2020-06-07T01:49:58Z Uzume update tracking to use [[Module:Wd]] instead of the unmaintained and deprecated [[Module:Wikidata]]
896105813 2019-05-08T10:08:39Z Jc86035 use [[Module:Check for unknown parameters]]
879126076 2019-01-19T05:30:43Z Zyxw update Wikidata tracking, tested with /sandbox and articles
878542274 2019-01-15T12:19:05Z Zyxw update Wikidata tracking
878496692 2019-01-15T04:31:28Z Zyxw update Wikidata tracking
878188078 2019-01-13T15:35:51Z Zyxw add Wikidata tracking
878117380 2019-01-13T03:47:34Z Zyxw include class deathdate, same as [[Template:Death date]] and [[Template:Death-date and age]]
878115562 2019-01-13T03:30:58Z Zyxw Copy of [[Template:End-date]] with class dday added, similar to difference between [[Template:Start-date]] and [[Template:Birth-date]] where class bday is added.
488789994 2012-04-23T10:22:12Z AGK Changed protection level of Template:Death-date: [[Wikipedia:High-risk templates|Highly-visible template]] (over 1000 transclusions) (‎[edit=autoconfirmed] (indefinite) ‎[move=sysop] (indefinite))
386711988 2010-09-24T09:17:48Z TFOWR Changed protection level of Template:Death-date: Restoring semi-protection per consensus at [[Wikipedia:Administrators'_noticeboard/IncidentArchive638#HJ_Mitchell_mass_fully_protecting_templates]]. Discussion is ongoing at WT:HRT - I won't consider it whe
384289465 2010-09-12T00:00:16Z HJ Mitchell Changed protection level of Template:Death-date: [[WP:HRT|high risk template]] transcluded on over 2,000 pages. Batch protection; requests for review can be brought to [[WP:RFUP]]. using [[WP:TW|TW]] ([edit=sysop] (indefinite) [move=sysop] (indefinite))
285924961 2009-04-24T20:51:01Z Zzuuzz Protected Template:Death-date: [[Wikipedia:High-risk templates|High risk template]] ([edit=autoconfirmed] (indefinite) [move=autoconfirmed] (indefinite))
273361392 2009-02-26T04:56:52Z J JMesserly natural language analog of {{tl|death date}} (no space)