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Parameter text is empty

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This template creates a clickable button. There are two editable parameters. The first one, an unnamed one, is used to create the text of the button. It can support wikilinks.


{{Clickable button|This is a button}}

produces Parameter text is empty

{{Clickable button|[[Talk:Main page|Main page talk page]]}}

produces [[Main page talk page|Parameter text is empty]]

The other one, named "color", allows you to change the color of the button. You can select between three colors: white (default), blue and red.

To change the color of a button, you have to add the color parameter followed by the color name, like this: {{clickable button|Text|color=blue}}.


  • white (default):

Parameter text is empty

Parameter text is empty

  • red:

Parameter text is empty


  1. ^ After the changes outlined in Phabricator task साचा:Phab were implemented, {{Clickable button|color=green}} produces the same output as {{Clickable button|color=blue}}.