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579828419 2013-11-02T04:02:36Z Fuhghettaboutit Changed protection level of Template:CENTURY: Enable access by template editors ([Edit=Allow only template editors and admins] (indefinite) [Move=Allow only template editors and admins] (indefinite))
420903414 2011-03-27T00:55:12Z Plastikspork fix for year 0
420903288 2011-03-27T00:54:04Z Plastikspork Correction for BC years
420901690 2011-03-27T00:40:39Z Plastikspork Fix for broken year 1
413729234 2011-02-13T18:38:44Z Plastikspork Add safesubst
226697483 2008-07-19T21:49:10Z CBM Protected Template:CENTURY: highly used template [edit=sysop:move=sysop]
172231535 2007-11-18T06:25:53Z Maelgwnbot Bot Updating template fields, {{tl|Template doc}}
113767422 2007-03-09T05:25:00Z Quarl «108 words changed»
103649020 2007-01-27T18:31:07Z Rudjek [[Wikipedia:Categories for discussion/Speedy|speedy]] re-categorisation using [[Project:AWB|AWB]]
102269777 2007-01-21T19:52:17Z Cyde Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/Cydebot|Cydebot]] ([[User talk:Cydebot|talk]]) to last version by Verdy P
102269097 2007-01-21T19:49:17Z Cydebot Robot - Speedily moving category Date computing template to Date-computing templatesper [[WP:CFD|CFD]].
49638755 2006-04-22T19:50:27Z Verdy p
49620905 2006-04-22T17:44:27Z Verdy p