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[[AthleticsLink - {{{2}}} {{{1}}}|माहिती]]

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The AthleticsLink template is designed to provide links to event level sub-articles in medal tables on athletics championships articles.


This template has four input fields, two required and two optional:

  • The Event field is for the race or competition type (e.g. 100 metres, Shot put). The text entered here will appear exactly as written in the medal table. It will also be used to generate the event's article link and handles capitalisation by making the first letter lower case. (N.B. the event must match the sub-article name - for example "3000 m s'chase" would only link to a sub-article with "3000 m s'chase" as the title)
  • The Gender field clarifies the sex of the competition and has four possibilities: "Men", "Women", "Boy" and "Girl". It is used to generate the event's article link.
  • The Wind field is optional. To be used on sprint race links, enter the wind speed and direction to display, for example: "+2.5". If used, this information will appear between the event name and the details link
  • The Notes field is optional. It can be used to denote variations of the event (for example, junior implements) or course distances and will directly follow the event name, but not affect the resulting link.

The link is generated by taking the current page name (e.g. 2013 World Championships in Athletics), the Gender (e.g. "Men"), and the Event (e.g. "100 metres") to make a link (e.g. 2013 World Championships in Athletics – Men's 100 metres)


The code {{AthleticsLink|High jump|Women}}, {{AthleticsLink|100 metres|Men|-0.9}} and {{AthleticsLink|Shot put|Men||6 kg}} used on the page 2010 World Junior Championships in Athletics will produce the following outcome.

Event सुवर्ण रौप्य कांस्य
High jump
100 metres
(wind: -0.9 m/s)
Shot put (6 kg)

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