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828052811 2018-02-28T08:11:50Z Johnuniq replace with code to invoke [[Module:Age]] to improve consistency and error checking for the age templates
671104402 2015-07-12T13:04:07Z Ritchie333 Protected Template:Age in years: [[WP:High-risk templates|Highly visible template]] ([Edit=Allow only template editors and admins] (indefinite) [Move=Allow only template editors and admins] (indefinite))
665124801 2015-06-02T05:02:22Z Jonesey95 Sync from sandbox. Add error checking, check for zero age and display 0 instead of -1-0.
659664078 2015-04-28T11:45:29Z WOSlinker having a range makes more sense
657014929 2015-04-18T09:22:00Z Nick Mitchell 98 Undid revision 654777590 by [[Special:Contributions/Jonesey95|Jonesey95]] ([[User talk:Jonesey95|talk]]). Template has remained unchanged for three years, please do not completely remove it, instead add another coding option.
654777590 2015-04-03T13:45:56Z Jonesey95 Add age range code, since someone born in a given year can be one of two ages today.
469846711 2012-01-06T04:29:28Z Waldyrious allow end year
469846398 2012-01-06T04:26:31Z Waldyrious create