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837630246 2018-04-22T01:06:04Z Johnuniq use [[Module:Age]] for greater consistency between age templates and ability to detect invalid dates
819685453 2018-01-10T19:16:33Z Primefac Protected "[[Template:Age in days nts]]": [[WP:SEMI|semi-protecting]] highly-visible templates in response to recent template-space vandalism ([Edit=Require autoconfirmed or confirmed access] (indefinite) [Move=Require autoconfirmed or confirmed access...
204272710 2008-04-08T18:50:23Z Arctic.gnome moved [[Template:Age in days/nts]] to [[Template:Age in days nts]]: Moving from test space.
199619528 2008-03-20T16:29:04Z Arctic.gnome [[WP:Automatic edit summaries|←]]Created page with '<includeonly>{{nts| {{#expr: + {{Gregorian serial date |month = {{{month2|{{{5|{{CURRENTMONTH}}}}}}}} ...'