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833944169 2018-04-03T03:51:09Z Johnuniq use [[Module:Age]] for features including ability to enter dates in full, detect invalid dates, and generate a sort key compatible with other age templates
704475331 2016-02-11T20:42:34Z Frietjes update redirect
327875331 2009-11-25T15:38:27Z Thirteen squared [[Help:Reverting|Reverted]] edits by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) to last version by GregorB
327596821 2009-11-24T03:17:48Z
208133369 2008-04-25T16:15:00Z GregorB Mv category to doc page
205736354 2008-04-15T07:01:23Z Piratesswoop
199571896 2008-03-20T11:28:29Z Patrick padleft, from [[Template:Nts]]
199558529 2008-03-20T09:31:53Z Patrick
199551015 2008-03-20T08:24:33Z Patrick
199550938 2008-03-20T08:23:53Z Patrick <span style="display:none">{{age in days|{{{1}}}|{{{2}}}|{{{3}}}|{{{4|{{CURRENTYEAR}}}}}|{{{5|{{CURRENTMONTH}}}}}|{{{6|{{CURRENTDAY}}}}}}}}}</span>
199547767 2008-03-20T07:53:12Z Patrick self-rv; since there is text in the output this argument applicable to template age does not apply here
199547192 2008-03-20T07:48:21Z Patrick rv application of nts; this makes it impossible to use numeric sorting mode, or apply #expr or #ifexpr; if needed, make a separate template applying nts to age for infant
199538066 2008-03-20T06:21:37Z Arctic.gnome Adding NTS to make it usable in sortable tables with mixed letters and numbers.
162785673 2007-10-07T02:29:54Z Anomie rm extra <noinclude>
162759709 2007-10-06T23:39:29Z Arknascar44 updated template per a revision (much simpler) by {{user|Anomie}}
162537786 2007-10-05T21:16:15Z Anomie Fix extraneous space
162531265 2007-10-05T20:40:07Z Anomie {{[[Template:age in months|age in months]]}} parameter order has changed, see [[Template talk:Age in months#Bug fix and misc changes]]
162515858 2007-10-05T19:23:53Z Arknascar44 added new parameter, will update doc
162509597 2007-10-05T18:52:09Z Arknascar44 added doc
162509306 2007-10-05T18:50:38Z Arknascar44 fixed
162506892 2007-10-05T18:38:09Z Arknascar44 fix formatting error, will add doc
162383540 2007-10-05T02:49:35Z Arknascar44 restoring old revision
162383056 2007-10-05T02:46:38Z Arknascar44 fix
162382773 2007-10-05T02:44:55Z Arknascar44 added new feature, this time another way....we'll see....
162382042 2007-10-05T02:40:13Z Arknascar44 [[WP:UNDO|Undid]] revision 162381975 by [[Special:Contributions/Arknascar44|Arknascar44]] ([[User talk:Arknascar44|talk]])
162381975 2007-10-05T02:39:50Z Arknascar44 this?
162381223 2007-10-05T02:34:26Z Arknascar44 [[WP:UNDO|Undid]] revision 162380431 by [[Special:Contributions/Arknascar44|Arknascar44]] ([[User talk:Arknascar44|talk]])
162380431 2007-10-05T02:29:07Z Arknascar44 adding new feature
162308752 2007-10-04T19:50:56Z Arknascar44 oops :)
162308511 2007-10-04T19:49:46Z Arknascar44 fixups...
162307723 2007-10-04T19:46:16Z Arknascar44 more fixing...
162307491 2007-10-04T19:44:59Z Arknascar44 minor fix
162306904 2007-10-04T19:42:11Z Arknascar44 trying to fix per discussion at [[WP:RT]]
162136011 2007-10-04T00:23:06Z Arknascar44 fix
162132767 2007-10-04T00:06:48Z Arknascar44 switched parameters for the sake of continuity
162131768 2007-10-04T00:01:59Z Arknascar44 cat added
162131622 2007-10-04T00:01:13Z Arknascar44 created per [[WP:RT]], may have it deleted pending discussion there on whether or not to include it in another template