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This template is not intended to be used alone, but only in conjunction with {{माहितीचौकट चर्च}}. It changes the background colour of the headings in that template depending on the denomination of the church specified in the template, according to the following scheme:

Religious Affiliation Colour Consistent with
{{Infobox religious building}}
Anglican, Church of England, Episcopal
[[Anglican Church of Australia]], [[Anglicanism|Anglican]], [[Church in Wales]], [[Church of England]], [[Church of Ireland]], [[Episcopal Church (United States)|Episcopal]], [[Scottish Episcopal Church|Scottish Episcopal]]
#BC50A5 साचा:U2713
[[American Baptist Churches USA|Baptist]], [[Baptists|Baptist]], [[Southern Baptist Convention|Baptist]]
[[Catholic Church|Catholic]], [[Chaldean Catholic Church|Chaldean Catholic]], [[Eastern Catholic Churches|Eastern Catholic]], [[Maronite Church|Maronite]], [[Syriac Catholic Church|Syriac Catholic]]
#FFCC99 साचा:U2713
[[Charismatic movement|Charismatic]]
[[Church of Denmark]], [[Church of Iceland]], [[Church of Norway]], [[Church of Sweden]], [[Evangelical Lutheran Church in America]], [[Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland]], [[Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod]], [[Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Poland|Lutheran]], [[Lutheranism|Lutheran]]
[[African Methodist Episcopal Church]], [[Methodism|Methodist]], [[Methodist Church of Great Britain]], [[Primitive Methodism|Primitive Methodist]], [[United Methodist Church]], [[Wesleyan Church|Wesleyan Methodist]]
Orthodox – Eastern Orthodox
[[Eastern Christianity|Orthodox]], [[Eastern Orthodox Church|Eastern Orthodox]], [[Greek Orthodox Church|Greek Orthodox]], [[Russian Orthodox Church|Russian Orthodox]], [[Serbian Orthodox Church|Serbian Orthodox]]
#FFCF00 साचा:U2713
Orthodox – Oriental Orthodox
[[Armenian Apostolic Church|Armenian Apostolic]], [[Oriental Orthodox Church|Oriental Orthodox]], [[Syriac Orthodox Church|Syriac Orthodox]]
#CCB2FF साचा:U2713
Orthodox – Oriental Orthodox – Coptic Orthodox
[[Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria|Coptic Orthodox]]
#56A8FF साचा:U2713
[[Assemblies of God]], [[Assemblies of God USA]], [[Australian Christian Churches]], [[Elim Pentecostal Church]], [[Pentecostalism|Pentecostal]]
Presbyterian, Reformed
|[[Presbyterianism|Presbyterian]], [[Reformed]], [[Reformed Church in America]], [[Reformed Church in the United States]], [[Church of Scotland]], [[Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)]], [[Presbyterian Church in America]], [[Bible Presbyterian Church]], [[Bible-Presbyterian churches (Singapore)]], [[ECO (denomination)|ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians]]
Protestant Reformation
[[Protestant Reformation|Pre-Reformation church]]
[[Religious Society of Friends|Quaker]]
Seventh-day Adventist
[[Seventh-day Adventist Church|Seventh-day Adventist]]
Everything else defaults to #CCCC99

For consistency, this template uses the same colours as those used in {{Infobox religious building}} as far as possible: see Template:Infobox religious building/doc#Automatic coloring.

When darker colours are used, the heading text is rendered in white by the template {{Infobox church/font color}}.

Before changing the colours in this template, or inserting new denominations and colours, please discuss the matter with other editors at "Template talk:Infobox church". Thanks.