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Cricket series infobox[संपादन]

माहितीचौकट क्रिकेट मालिका
the English cricket संघ in Australia in २००६-०७
Australia regain Ashes 2006.jpg
The Australian cricket संघ with a replica of The Ashes urn
दिनांक नोव्हेंबर २३, २००६जानेवारी ६, २००७
स्थळ Australia
निकाल Australia leads the ५-Test मालिका ३-०
ऑस्ट्रेलियाचा ध्वज ऑस्ट्रेलिया इंग्लंडचा ध्वज इंग्लंड
Ricky Ponting Andrew Flintoff
सर्वात जास्त धावा
Ricky Ponting (५२४)
Michael Hussey (४१५)
Michael Clarke (३७३)
केव्हिन पीटरसन (३९८)
पॉल कॉलिंगवूड (३४५)
इयान बेल (२२३)
सर्वात जास्त बळी
Stuart Clark (१६)
Shane Warne (१४)
ग्लेन मॅकग्रा (१३)
मॅथ्यू हॉगार्ड (१२)
Monty Panesar (८)
Andrew Flintoff (७)

A cricket series infobox may be used to summarise information about a particular cricket series (a test, ODI, or group of related series) in a standard manner. Many of the parameters can be omitted if desired; the choice of which parameters are appropriate for a particular series is left to the discretion of the article editors.

The infobox should be added using the Template:Infobox cricket series template, as shown below:

{{माहितीचौकट क्रिकेट मालिका

  • conflict – the name of the series being described (e.g. "2006-07 Ashes series" or "VB Series 2005-06").
  • partofoptional – the larger tour containing the series described in the article. For Test or ODI series, this should be the tour during which the series takes place. It may be necessary to insert "the" before the name of the tour for proper grammar.
  • imageoptional – an image for the infobox. The image must be given in the form [[Image:Example.jpg|300px]]; in particular, the thumb attribute must not be selected.
  • captionoptional – the text to be placed below the image.
  • date – the date of the series described. Convention is to give the actual date for series and the years for tours, but this does not always apply.
  • place – the location of the series. For series covering a wide area, a general description (e.g. "India", or "Asia", or "Worldwide") may be used.
  • result – the outcome of the series (e.g. "Australia won the 5-Test series 3-0").
  • team1/team2/team3optional – the teams participating in the series. This is most commonly the countries whose teams took part in the series; however, larger groups (such as the ICC World XI) or smaller ones (such as Australia A) may be indicated if doing so improves reader understanding. The use of flag icons is not recommended. The team3 field may be used if a series has three distinct "teams", and should be left blank on other articles.
  • captain1/captain2/captain3optional – the captains of the teams involved.
  • runs1/runs2/runs3optional – the most number of runs scored by individuals in the side. It is generally not useful to provide player names without giving an indication of runs scored. The runs3 field can only be used if the team3 field is set.
  • wickets1/wickets2optional – the most number of wickets taken by individuals in the sides. It is generally not useful to provide player names without giving an indication of wickets taken. The wickets3 field can only be used if the team3 field is set.
  • notesoptional – optional field for further notes; this should only be used in exceptional circumstances.