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माहितीचौकट ऑलिंपिक खेळ
स्पर्धा ० (मिश्र)
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This infobox is used in the articles included in the "Sport at the Summer/Winter Olympics" series. Briefly, it displays:

  • a free-licensed unofficial pictogram of the sport (default), or an optional alternative image with description;
  • details about the sport (e.g. international governing body, number of events held at the latest Games);
  • a chronological navigation section, with links to the "Sport at the year Summer/Winter Olympics"-type articles of the Games where the sport was featured;
  • links to the sport's list of medalists and, if available, list of records.


{{Infobox Olympic sport
| sport       =
| image       =
| size        =
| caption     =
| menevents   =
| womenevents =
| mixedevents =
| otherlinks  =
name of a current or past Olympic sport, written in lowercase letters and unlinked
link to an alternative image (e.g. "Image.xxx" in "File:Image.xxx")
size of alternative image (e.g. 200px); this parameter is only active if image is defined
brief description of the alternative image; this parameter is only active if image is defined
number of events exclusive for men
number of events exclusive for women
number of events where both genders can compete simultaneously
optional display of other related links