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{{{1}}} [[:Media:|]]

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This template links to an audio file for quick listening. It is meant to be used inline with text, for pronunciations and the like.


{{ध्वनी|name of sound file|text to use as link to soundfile}}


'''Bordeaux''' ({{ध्वनी||उच्चार}}) is a [[Seaport|port]] city in...

gives this:

Bordeaux (Loudspeaker.svg [[:Media:|उच्चार]] ) is a port city in...

Note that a printout of the page will remove the "help·info" bit and give:

Bordeaux ( ) is a port city in...

इतर विकिंवर वापरताना[संपादन]

This is one of several templates that use CSS to format the template instead of containing all the formatting inline. It will not work on another wiki unless you copy both the template and the CSS rules.

This particular template depends on the "audiolink" css class to add the loudspeaker icon as a background image for the link, which allows it to be clicked and go to the same link destination instead of the image's description page.

These CSS rules are in MediaWiki:Common.css (the part that starts with .audiolink a {). You will need to get an administrator on your local wiki to add the rules to your site's CSS. (Likewise, tweaking the size and placement of the icon is done by changing the CSS; not the template itself.)

हे पाहा[संपादन]