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जुन्या चर्चा चौकट चर्चा पानावर ठेवावे

{{जुन्या चर्चा चौकट|[[/जुन्या चर्चा]]}}

बदलावे [[/जुन्या चर्चा]] जुन्या चर्चापानाच्या नावाने आणि '/' हे वापरण्यास विसरु नये. ही सुची कशी दर्शवणे हे तुमच्यावर अवलंबुन आहे, तुम्ही स्वल्पविराम किंवा सुची तयार करु शकता. पहा #Automatic links#Examples खाली.


The box uses a style that makes it float to the right. This means that where it appears in the page it will be aligned to the right edge of the page (more accurately: the containing box, but that is an unnecessary detail) and all following content will flow around it.

(On some article or wikiproject talk pages, there is more than one right floating box. In that case, the edit links of the text sections next to those boxes often "bunch up". Template:FixBunching provides a solution for that problem. See Talk:European Union for an example.)

Box width[संपादन]

The box width can be set by using the box-width= parameter:

{{Archive box|box-width=13em|[[/Archive]]}}
{{Archive box|box-width=200px|[[/Archive]]}}

The standard width when this parameter is not used is 238px.


For the standard image, the width can be adjusted by using the image-width= parameter:

{{Archive box|image-width=35px|[[/Archive]]}}

The image can also be changed from the default (see #Other icons for examples) using the image= parameter. Please note that if you're using a changed image, the width of that image can not be adjusted with image-width=. Instead, set the image width using normal image syntax, for example:

{{Archive box|image=[[Image:Crystal Clear app file-manager.png|35px]]}}

Automatic links[संपादन]

If all the archives of a talk page are named exactly /Archive 1, /Archive 2 etc. (it will not work with e.g. /Archive1, /Archive 01, or subpages of a subpage, e.g. /Archives/Archive 1), you can use the auto parameter to display links to them all automatically. The list will update itself when new archives are added. If there are also named archives, you can manually add links to those as well.

Using auto=yes

The links to the archive pages will appear as simple numbers, separated with commas (1, 2, 3, ...). Note: Archives numbered past 100 will be ignored.

{{archive box|auto=yes}}
Using auto=long

If there are no more than 36 archive pages, and you prefer a three-column output, set the auto parameter to "long". The links to the archive pages will appear as Archive 1, Archive 2, etc. The links will be put into lines with a line break after each third link, to create columns (re-arranging the columns, e.g. from top to bottom, is not possible).

{{archive box|auto=long}}


For actual examples of the use of this template, use the what links here link in the toolbox on the sidebar, near the top on the left side of this page (unless you are using an unconventional skin ... in which case you probably know what you are doing).

Wikitext Appearance
{{archive box|
[[/Archive 1]],
[[/Archive 2]],
[[/December 2005 - January 2006]] and
[[/Deletion discussion]]}}
{{archive box|
[[/Archive 1]]<br />
[[/Archive 2]]<br />
[[/December 2005 - January 2006]]<br />
[[/Deletion discussion]]}}
{{archive box|
: [[/Archive 1]]
: [[/Archive 2]]
: [[/December 2005 - January 2006]]
: [[/Deletion discussion]]}}
{{archive box|image=[[Image:File-manager.svg|35px]]|
* [[/Archive 1|Archive 1]]
* [[/Archive 2]]
* [[/December 2005 - January 2006]]
* [[/Deletion discussion]]}}
{{archive box|
# [[/Archive 1]]
# [[/Archive 2]]
# [[/December 2005 - January 2006]]
# [[/Deletion discussion]]}}
{{archive box|box-width=14em|image-width=20px|
* [[/Archive 1]]
* [[/Archive 2]]
* [[/December 2005 - January 2006]]
* [[/Deletion discussion]]}}

Other icons[संपादन]

If you wish to use something other than the default icon, here is a gallery of available icons:

See also[संपादन]