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अनोळखी भाषा संकेत

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हा साचा आय.एस.ओ. ६३९ भाषा संकेतांना त्या-त्या भाषांच्या नावामध्ये रुपांतरित करतो.


  • Parameter १ (आवश्यक) : आय.एस.ओ. ६३९-१ (दोन-अक्षरी) अथवा आय.एस.ओ. ६३९-२ (तीन-अक्षरी) भाषा संकेत
  • Parameter २ (ऐच्छिक) ज्या भाषेमध्ये नाव हवे आहे त्या भाषेचा संकेत. If no valid parameter is given, the default is mr

Please note that this system requires a huge number of separate language names (~35,000) and so is currently very incomplete. If the required name has not already been defined for a particular language, the template will display an error (if no translations have been specified for the language, english translations will be returned). If you feel confident enough with a language that is not already defined, please take a few moments to create a new set of definitions for it.


  • {{अनुवादभाषा|en}} → इंग्रजी
  • {{अनुवादभाषा|fr}} → फ्रेंच
  • {{अनुवादभाषा|fr|en}} → French

Technical details

This template works by calling a subpage with the relevant language code for the second parameter (the return language); this subpage contains a switch statement that converts the first parameter into the name in the appropriate language. See for instance {{अनुवादभाषा/en}}, which is called to translate codes into English.

Because some language codes are very uncommon, it is possible to split a language into two subpages, eg /fr and /fr+. The /fr page is called first, and should contain the more common languages. Less common languages should be added to the /fr+ page, which is called only if no translation is found in the main subpage; between them, the two pages should contain all the available translations.

See also

  • commons:Template:Language/en - converts many language codes into English names. Its main purpose is conversion of the codes used in Wikimedia (Names.php and wiki names) but many are ISO codes as well.