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Today is Friday, January 21 of 2022, and the current time is 21:23 (UTC/GMT). There are currently 113,087 articless and 34,119,721 users in Wikimedia.

I am Currently active on or.wikipedia.org or:User:Odisha1 & en.wikipedia.org en:User:Odisha1

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or-N ଏହି ବ୍ୟବହାରକାରୀଙ୍କ ମାତୃଭାଷା ହେଲା ଓଡ଼ିଆ
en-N This user has a native understanding of English.
hi-N इस सदस्य को हिन्दी का मातृभाषा के समान ज्ञान है।
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