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Please test VisualEditor in your language![संपादन]

It is very important to us at the Editing Department that VisualEditor works in every language, for every user.

VisualEditor's editing environment is a browser ContentEditable element. This means that your input method editor (IME) should already know how to work with it. However, to make VisualEditor correctly edit wiki pages, we have to stop browsers in lots of ways from breaking the page.

Sometimes this can interfere with IMEs. To make sure we work in your IME, we need your help: please see wikimedia.github.io/VisualEditor/demos/ve/desktop-dist.html#!pages/simple.html. This is the core system inside VisualEditor which lets you write and edit. It is different from the full editor, and some of the tools you are used to will be missing.

We're interested in particular in whether you can write text at all, what happens when you select different candidate texts, and how VisualEditor behaves in general.

More details, and some early test results, are provided here: mediawiki.org/wiki/VisualEditor/IME_Testing#What_to_test.

We would love to hear from every language, and especially languages which use IMEs, like Japanese, Korean, Indic languages, Arabic and others. Thank you for your help.


James Forrester (talk) १३:११, २२ एप्रिल २०१५ (IST)[reply]

Please join the 2nd edition of the VisualEditor Translathon[संपादन]


I'm pleased to announce the 2nd edition of the VisualEditor Translathon.

It is a translation rally, focused on interface messages and help pages related to VisualEditor. In order to participate, you need to sign up on the Translathon page on TranslateWiki.

The top 3 contributors will each win a Wikipedia t-shirt of their choice from the Wikipedia store[१]. Translations made between July 15th and July 19th (CDT time zone) qualify[२].

If you are at Wikimania Mexico this year, you are also welcome to join a related sprint during the hackathon in Workplace 1 - Don Américo, Thursday 16 July at 4pm (CDT) at the conference venue, so you can meet other fellow translators and get support if you need some.

Interface messages have the priority. You will need to create an account at translatewiki.net in order to work on them, if you don't have one. It is recommended to create the account ASAP, so that it can be confirmed in time.

You can also help translate documentation pages about VisualEditor on mediawiki.org. You can use your Wikipedia account to work there.

You will find instructions, links and other details on the Translathon page.

Thanks for your attention, and happy translating!
Elitre (WMF) ०२:३०, १४ जुलै २०१५ (IST)[reply]

  1. ^ You can choose between any short-sleeve shirt, or other items for the same value.
  2. ^ This means both new translations, and updates for messages in the "Outdated" tab of the translation interface.

The visual editor is coming to this wiki[संपादन]

Hello. Please excuse the English. कृपया आपल्या भाषेत भाषांतर करण्यास मदत करा. आपणास धन्यवाद!

Hi everybody,

My name is Erica, and I am a Community Liaison at the Wikimedia Foundation. I'm here to let you know that the visual editor is coming to editors at this Wikipedia soon. It allows people to edit Wikipedia articles as if they were using word processing software.

You don't have to wait until the deployment to test it; you can test the visual editor right now. To turn it on, select "बीटा" in your preferences. Choose "यथादृश्यसंपादक" and click save. When it is enabled, you will press the "संपादन" button to edit an article in the new software. To use the wikitext editor, you can press "स्रोत संपादित करा".

After the deployment, everyone will automatically have the option to use either the visual editor or the current wikitext editor. For more information about how to use the visual editor, see mw:Help:VisualEditor/User guide.

More information about preparing for the visual editor is posted here.

Thank you, and happy editing! --Elitre (WMF) (talk) २३:५९, ५ फेब्रुवारी २०१६ (IST)[reply]

Reminder: the visual editor is coming to this wiki soon[संपादन]

Hello again. Please excuse the English. कृपया आपल्या भाषेत भाषांतर करण्यास मदत करा. आपणास धन्यवाद!

This is a reminder that the visual editor is coming to all editors at this Wikipedia soon. As of this writing, the team is not aware of any issues specific to this language that should prevent the new software to be deployed here; therefore, please do let us know if you find any problems instead. You can report issues in Phabricator, the new bug tracking system or on the central feedback page on MediaWiki.org. There is a short guide at mediawiki.org that you can follow (as if it was a "checklist") to learn about the community work necessary to adapt the visual editor, and its referencing system in particular, to your community's needs.

If you can translate from English into this wiki's language, or know anyone who can, please follow the links below; just a little effort is required to make this language progress toward translations' completion! You'll help your community get the best possible experience when it comes to interface messages and documentation related to the visual editor. After you click on any links, your language should be available from the drop-down menu on the right. Once you've selected it, you'll see the document in English side by side with any translation work already done in your language. You can add new translations or modify existing ones. The interface is hosted at https://translatewiki.net; you'll need an account if you never translated there before. The other pages are at Mediawiki.org, for which you can use your regular Wikipedia account. You're welcome to contact me personally whenever you need help.

Thank you for your cooperation, and happy editing! --Elitre (WMF) (talk) २२:०५, २६ फेब्रुवारी २०१६ (IST)[reply]

Editing news n.3-2016[संपादन]

Sorry for the delay in delivering this newsletter!

Read this in another languageSubscription list for this multilingual newsletter

Did you know?
Did you know that you can easily re-arrange columns and rows in the visual editor?
Screenshot showing a dropdown menu with options for editing the table structure

Select a cell in the column or row that you want to move. Click the arrow at the start of that row or column to open the dropdown menu (shown). Choose either "Move before" or "Move after" to move the column, or "Move above" or "Move below" to move the row.

You can read and help translate the user guide, which has more information about how to use the visual editor.

Since the last newsletter, the VisualEditor Team has mainly worked on a new wikitext editor. They have also released some small features and the new map editing tool. Their workboard is available in Phabricator. You can find links to the list of work finished each week at mw:VisualEditor/Weekly triage meetings. Their current priorities are fixing bugs, releasing the 2017 wikitext editor as a beta feature, and improving language support.

Recent changes[संपादन]

  • You can now set text as small or big.[१]
  • Invisible templates have been shown as a puzzle icon. Now, the name of the invisible template is displayed next to the puzzle icon.[२] A similar feature will display the first part of hidden HTML comments.[३]
  • Categories are displayed at the bottom of each page. If you click on the categories, the dialog for editing categories will open.[४]
  • At many wikis, you can now add maps to pages. Go to the Insert menu and choose the "Maps" item. The Discovery department is adding more features to this area, like geoshapes. You can read more at mediawiki.org.[५]
  • The "Save" button now says "Save page" when you create a page, and "Save changes" when you change an existing page.[६] In the future, the "जतन करा" button will say "पानाचे प्रकाशन करा". This will affect both the visual and wikitext editing systems. More information is available on Meta.
  • Image galleries now use a visual mode for editing. You can see thumbnails of the images, add new files, remove unwanted images, rearrange the images by dragging and dropping, and add captions for each image. Use the "Options" tab to set the gallery's display mode, image sizes, and add a title for the gallery.[७]

Future changes[संपादन]

The visual editor will be offered to all editors at the remaining 10 "Phase 6" Wikipedias during the next month. The developers want to know whether typing in your language feels natural in the visual editor. Please post your comments and the language(s) that you tested at the feedback thread on mediawiki.org. This will affect several languages, including Thai, Burmese and Aramaic.

The team is working on a modern wikitext editor. The 2017 wikitext editor will look like the visual editor and be able to use the citoid service and other modern tools. This new editing system may become available as a Beta Feature on desktop devices in October 2016. You can read about this project in a general status update on the Wikimedia mailing list.

Let's work together[संपादन]

  • If you aren't reading this in your preferred language, then please help us with translations! Subscribe to the Translators mailing list or contact us directly, so that we can notify you when the next issue is ready. आपणास धन्यवाद!

Elitre (WMF) ०२:४०, १८ ऑक्टोबर २०१६ (IST)[reply]