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The Wikimedia Foundation currently has a very small paid staff. Everyone else involved with the projects is a volunteer, including members of the Board of Trustees.

Administrative staff

  • Sue Gardner, Consultant and Special Advisor since July 2007.
Sue Gardner
  • Mike Godwin, General Counsel and Legal Coordinator since July 2007.
Mike Godwin
  • Barbara Brown, office manager in the Florida office, since August 2006.
Cary Bass 2007
  • Vishal Patel, part-time Business Developer, since May 2007.
  • Oleta McHenry, accountant, since August 2007.

Technical staff

  • Brion Vibber, Chief Technical Officer and MediaWiki release manager, since August 2005.
Vibber at Wikimania 2006

Rob in the office

Independent contractors


  • Tim Starling, full time MediaWiki software developer, since April 2006 (contractor).
  • Mark Bergsma, part time Networking Coordinator, since September 2006 (contractor).


  • Delphine Ménard, Chapters Coordinator, since February 2007, based in Frankfurt, Germany.

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