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विकिपीडिया:Image markup with HTML

विकिपीडिया, मुक्‍त ज्ञानकोशातून

Note: this page is deprecated - do not use HTML if you can help it. Please use the new, extended image syntax, which provides image resizing and alignment. See Wikipedia:Extended image syntax

alt text Caption

right-floating image with caption


<div class="floatright">[[Image:image name|alt text]]


column of images, floated


(see Floppy disk for example)

Markup for images is quite complicated. This may be improved in the future: see meta:image pages. Here are some examples of typical markup ("image" for an image in the page, "media" for just a link):

left float, no caption <div class="floatleft">[[Image:NAME|Alt text]]</div>
right float, no caption <div class="floatright">[[Image:NAME|Alt text]]</div>
left float, with caption <div class="floatleft">[[Image:NAME|Alt text]]<br>Caption</div>
right float, with caption <div class="floatright">[[Image:NAME|Alt text]]<br>Caption</div>
left float, with larger <div class="floatleft">[[Image:SMALL|Alt text]]<br>[[Media:LARGE|larger version]]</div>
right float, with larger <div class="floatright">[[Image:SMALL|Alt text]]<br>[[Media:LARGE|larger version]]</div>
large central picture <center>[[Image:NAME|Alt text]]<br>''Caption''</center>

If your caption is longer than a few words, you may need to explicitly set the div width. Some browsers adjust the width of the div based on the width of the text, and if there is a large caption, the div may become too large. To solve this problem, simply set the width of the div to the width (in pixels) of the image, like so:

<div class="floatright" style="width: 250px">[[image:NAME|alt text]]<br>''Caption''</div>

(replacing width: 250px; with the correct width of your image. The inclusion of this specification is optional, but recommended if you have a caption longer than a few words. For large amounts of caption text, use text-align:left; to make it left-justified.

Alternate text is optional but recommended. See Alternate text for images for hints on writing good alternate text.

To have some text to the left of an image, and then some more text below the image, then put in a single <br clear="all">. This will force following text down until the margins are free of floating images.

Some recommend using <small> for captions, so they appear like this.


If you want to make a link to the description page for an image, use a leading colon before "image:" in an intra-wiki link, like this: [[:image:STS-32 crew.jpg|STS-32 crew]] which yields: STS-32 crew

Blank line after image code


Always put a blank line after the image code to avoid an ugly indentation of the text with Internet Explorer.