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This delete template can be used only to request deletion of User page requests and to deal interwiki spams only. For rest of purposes this template is no more in use in Marathi Wikipedia. Please do not use this template for rest of the puposes. Do not know Marathi? Then please leave your comment at Wikipedia:Embassy. Kindly note official Marathi Wikipedia policy to not to allow non Marathi Wikipedians any edits other than interwiki links and dealing with interwikispams.

  • For routin image deletion requests, one is expected to use {{Delete-image}} template.
  • By chance if you are an owner of any image or content and want the content image being deleted as part of your official claim please prefer to use {{Copyright claim}} template which will helpfull both ways to your info and to sysops for due diligence in the matter and information about wikipedia disclaimer. 'Be sure to read template content of {{Copyright claim}} before using the same.

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कृपया स्वत:च्या शब्दात परिच्छेद लेखन करून या लेखाचा / विभागाचा विस्तार करण्यास मदत करा.
अधिक माहितीसाठी या लेखाचे चर्चा पान, विस्तार कसा करावा? किंवा इतर विस्तार विनंत्या पाहा.

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प्रारंभिक आवृत्ती जून २९, २००७
सद्य आवृत्ती ४.१ (बिल्ट ८बी११७)
(सप्टेंबर ८, २०१०)
विकासाची स्थिती सद्य
भाषा अनेक
सॉफ्टवेअरचा प्रकार भ्रमणध्वनी संचालक प्रणाली
परवाना प्रताधिकारित
संकेतस्थळ [१]