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The {{page needed}} template, and its plural version {{pages needed}}, function as in-line requests for the specific citation of a page number, or numbers, in a cited work such as a book or journal. Do not use these tags to label citations to named entries in dictionaries or other alphabetically-arranged works with multiple entries per page, as the entry specified is already more specific than a page number. Do not use these tags to label statements which you suspect to be false. Instead, use a dispute template such as {{Dubious}}, or move those statements to the talk page and ask for evidence.

{{Page needed|date=ऑक्टोबर २०२०}}

These tags will categorise tagged articles into Category:Wikipedia articles needing page number citations or a dated subcategory thereof.

These templates are self-references and so are part of the Wikipedia project rather than the encyclopædic content.


Outside of <ref> tags.


Markup Renders as
Some text here.<ref name="Smith 2009">{{Cite book
|title=The Unbearable Beingness of Light
|location=New York
|publisher=Fnord Pubs
}}</ref>{{page needed|date=December 2016}}



Some text here.[१][page needed]


  1. ^ Smith, Jane (2009). The Unbearable Beingness of Light. New York: Fnord Pubs.

Template data[संपादन]

यथादृश्यसंपादक व इतर साधनांसाठी वापरण्यात येणारे हे टेम्प्लेटडाटा दस्तावेजीकरण आहे.

पान क्रं हवा साठी टेम्प्लेटडाटा

The template functions as in-line request for the page number, or numbers, in a cited work such as a book or journal

साच्याचे प्राचल (पॅरामिटर्स)

Month and yeardate

Provides the month and year; e.g., 'January 2013', but not 'jan13'

स्वतःच मुल्ये घेते


See also[संपादन]

  • {{Page numbers needed}} (non-inline version for when the problem is article- or section-wide)
  • {{Rp}} to supply a referenced page number, for a source cited many times, at different pages numbers, in the same article
  • {{Volume needed}} (similar to {{page needed}}, for missing journal, newspaper, comic, etc., volume and issue numbers)
  • {{Page range too broad}} (the opposite of {{page needed}}, when the cited page numbers span more than a few pages)

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