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KhandeshYuva KalaManch (KYKM) Foundation is a non-governmental organisation headquartered in Dhule, Maharashtra, India.



The Khandesh Yuva Kala Manch Foundation (KYKM Foundation) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the sustainable development of developing communities. The KYKM Foundation is a team of multidisciplinary professionals who combine their efforts to advance the development of developing communities around the world.

WHAT WE DO[संपादन]

The KYKM Foundation supports multi-disciplinary humanitarian work around the five pillars of Health-Water-Food ,Education,Environment, Youth Empowerment And Disaster Response . The KYKM Foundation seeks to provide a platform for increased cooperation among stakeholders in the humanitarian service delivery process.  


"Khandesh Yuva Kalamanch" has been set up to help youths in rural and urban areas to develop their artistic qualities and to sensitize their social instincts. Many programs are organized through the organization and there are new opportunities for the youth to be provided, as well as many of the people in the society. In order to save the customs, the tradition is also lost Many of the traditions of the society through tha running ahetarunam of the resident's responsibility is asatatabharatiya being implemented in the manner of Indian culture, "a step in the Indian society"

OUR VISION[संपादन]

A Cultural Movement That Khandesh Yuva Kalamanch Not Only An Organization, The Purpose Is Inhabited. Making The Platform Available In Various Youth Levels, Provide The Opportunity To Demonstrate The Art. Prepared With The Same Small Group Of Implementation Of Public Awareness Programs To Eliminate The Problem Of Social Life Through The Child-girl, To Conduct Training Activities That Will Be Implemented Consistently. With The Same Water, Forest Tree Conservation, Social Reconciliation, Gender Equality, Empowerment Of Women To Educate People Through Street Plays Many Important Issues, Drama, Documentaries Or Awareness In The Society. By Khandesh Yuva Kalamanch Name, The Name Of The State Level, The Purpose Is To Give Financial Support To Members Of The Professional Theater / Street Plays Along Detannaca Getting Bigger Platform And Opportunity For All Members. "One Step For Society"