अब्दुल अझीझ अल-सौद, सौदी अरेबिया

विकिपीडिया, मुक्‍त ज्ञानकोशातून
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अब्दुलअझीझ (अरबी भाषा: عبد العزيز آل سعود;अब्द अल-अझीझ अल-सौद) (नोव्हेंबर २६, इ.स. १८७६[१] - नोव्हेंबर ९, इ.स. १९५३) हा सौदी अरेबियाच्या तिसऱ्या राज्याचा पहिला राजा होता.[२]

याचा सहसा इब्न-सौद (सौदचा मुलगा) या नावाने उल्लेख होत असे.[३]

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संदर्भ आणि नोंदी[संपादन]

  1. ^ His birthday has been a source of debate. It is generally accepted as 1876, although a few sources give it as 1880. According to British author Robert Lacey's book The Kingdom, a leading Saudi historian found records that show Abdul-Aziz in 1891 greeting an important tribal delegation. The historian reasoned that a nine or ten-year-old child (as given by the 1880 birth date) would have been too young to be allowed to greet such a delegation, while an adolescent of 14 or 15 (as given by the 1876 date) would likely have been allowed. When Lacey interviewed one of Abdul-Aziz's sonsसाचा:Which? prior to writing the book, the son recalled that his father often laughed at records showing his birth date to be 1880. King Abdulaziz's response to such records was reportedly that "I swallowed four years of my life."[पान क्र. हवा]
  2. ^ Current Biography 1943, pp. 330–34
  3. ^ Ibn Saud, meaning son of Saud (see Arabic name), was a sort of title borne by previous heads of the House of Saud, similar to a Scottish clan chief's title of "the MacGregor" or "the MacDougall". When used without comment it refers solely to Abdul-Aziz, although prior to the capture of Riyadh in 1902 it referred to his father, Abdul Rahman (Lacey 1982, pp. 15, 65). Al Saud has a similar meaning (family of Saud) and may be used at the end of the full name, while Ibn Saud should sometimes be used alone.[ संदर्भ हवा ]