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Usage instructions[संपादन]

  • The code below is for customizing the template for a specific WikiProject. Fields are optional, and will default to generic examples if left blank.
    • Specifying the Project field will link the class labels to the appropriate quality category in the given project in the format "FA-Class Project articles".
    • Specifying article class examples will display the provided text in the example for the given quality.
    • The rows for Future, Book, Cat, Dab, Image, Portal, Project, Redirect, Template, and NA are optional and will not be displayed unless yes is specified for the respective "Future_cat", "Book_cat", "Cat_cat", "Dab_cat", "File_cat", "Portal_cat", "Project_cat", "Redirect_cat", "Template_cat", and "NA_cat" parameters.


Copy and paste:

{{Grading scheme
|Project          = 
|FA_example       = 
|A_example        = 
|GA_example       = 
|B_example        = 
|C_example        = 
|Start_example    = 
|Stub_example     = 
|FL_example       = 
|List_example     = 
|Future_cat       = 
|Future_example   = 
|Book_cat         =
|Book_example     =
|Cat_cat          = 
|Cat_example      = 
|Dab_cat          = 
|Dab_example      =
|FM_cat           = 
|FM_example       = 
|File_cat        = 
|File_example    = 
|Portal_cat       = 
|Portal_example   = 
|Project_cat      = 
|Project_example  = 
|Redirect_cat     = 
|Redirect_example = 
|Template_cat     = 
|Template_example = 
|NA_cat           = 
|NA_example       = 

See also[संपादन]

प्रमाणित दर्जांचे प्रकार
Symbol question.svg वृत्तलेख  Symbol question.svg वृत्तलेखयादी  Symbol question.svg वृत्तलेखमाध्यम  Symbol question.svg  
{{class|वृत्तलेख}} {{class|वृत्तलेखयादी}} {{class|वृत्तलेखमाध्यम}} {{class|अ}}
Symbol question.svg उत्तम  Symbol question.svg   Symbol question.svg   Symbol question.svg प्राथमिक 
{{class|उत्तम}} {{class|ब}} {{class|क}} {{class|प्राथमिक}}
Symbol question.svg खुंटलेल्या  Symbol question.svg यादी  Symbol question.svg अ-लेख  Symbol question.svg अमुल्यांकीत 
{{class|खुंटलेल्या}} {{class|यादी}} {{class|अ-लेख}} {{class|अमुल्यांकीत}}
अ-प्रमाणित दर्जांचे प्रकार
Symbol question.svg सद्य  Symbol question.svg भविष्य  Symbol question.svg संचअनुक्रमलेख 
{{class|सद्य}} {{class|भविष्य}} {{class|संचअनुक्रमलेख}}
Symbol question.svg अ यादी  Symbol question.svg ब यादी  Symbol question.svg क यादी  Symbol question.svg प्राथमिक यादी 
{{class|अ यादी}} {{class|ब यादी}} {{class|क यादी}} {{class|प्राथमिक यादी}}
Symbol question.svg पुस्तक  Symbol question.svg वर्ग  Symbol question.svg निःसंदिग्धीकरण  Symbol question.svg मसूदा 
{{class|पुस्तक}} {{class|वर्ग}} {{class|निःसंदिग्धीकरण}} {{class|मसूदा}}
Symbol question.svg संचिका  Symbol question.svg विलयन  Symbol question.svg हवे  Symbol question.svg दालन 
{{class|संचिका}} {{class|विलयन}} {{class|हवे}} {{class|दालन}}
Symbol question.svg प्रकल्प  Symbol question.svg पुनर्निर्देशन  Symbol question.svg साचा  Symbol question.svg सदस्य 
{{class|प्रकल्प}} {{class|पुनर्निर्देशन}} {{class|साचा}} {{class|सदस्य}}
प्रकारानुसार महत्त्व
 उच्चतम   उच्च   मध्यम   निम्न 
{{importance|उच्चतम}} {{importance|उच्च}} {{importance|मध्यम}} {{importance|निम्न}}
 निम्नतर   अप्राप्त   अज्ञात 
{{importance|निम्नतर}} {{importance|अप्राप्त}} {{importance|अज्ञात}}
Tool to add multiple templates to quality assessment pages

For B rating evaluation[संपादन]

Copy and paste:
| B1 <!-- Ref and cites --> = y/n | B2 <!-- Coverage and accuracy --> = y/n | B3 <!-- Structure--> = y/n | B4 <!-- Grammar and style --> = y/n | B5 <!-- Supporting materials --> = y/n | B6 <!-- Appropriate and understandable --> = y/n