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===Re:dadu konddeo, ramdas, go-brahman pratipalak evidence===
Dear Mr Maral (if that's your real name),
There is no need to direct the evidence at me. I am not the person that verifies the truth in assertions made here, nor am I one that takes sides in fights here (in most cases.)
I am asking for reference if you have any and you apparently have provided some. Whether or not they are credible is a separate issue. History and sociology not being the subjects I claim to be an authority in, I am not the best judge of your (or anyone else's assertions.) Hopefully, an expert will show up and correct your version to something that's fact based.
You say that ''there is no contemporory evidence in any historical document that Dadu Konddeo is mentor (teacher....'' So you are basing your assertions on a lack of evidence to the contrary?!!??! Heh... As for ''go-brahman-pratipalak'' being a ''brahmin idea'' all you came up with is more assertions and no real evidence. But I'm not here to criticize your logic (or a total lack thereof.) Write what you feel like, as long as you're ready to back it up and/or admit mistakes when pointed out by an expert. (I'll give you the benefit of the doubt when you refer to Dadoji Konddeo as 'Dadu' Konddeo. I'm assuming that it's not meant as a sign of disrespect...)
Wikipedia is a community resource. You can modify it as you want, provided your motivations are honest. I am here as an admin to see to that one thing. I could not care less about what you think about this or any other topics. So edit away, and if asked, be ready to produce references, lest you lose your edits.
It would be nice if you created a user id here so your edits can be tracked as your own.
[[User:अभय नातू|अभय नातू]] 01:27, 19 जून 2006 (UTC)

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