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१,१६४ बाइट्सची भर घातली ,  २ वर्षांपूर्वी
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*''For [[science park]]s, research parks and technology parks: see [[:Category:Urban planning]].''
*''For [[Urban park]]s, [[pocket park]]s, [[parklet]]s, municipal parks, city parks, [[greenway (landscape)|greenway - parkway]]s:'' See also ''[[:Category:Urban public parks|Category: Urban public parks]].''
*''For [[Regional park]]s, [[Urban open space]], [[Green belt|greenbelt]]s:'' See also ''[[:Category:Regional parks|Category: Regional parks]].''
*''For landmark [[garden]]s and [[landscape]]s open to the public:'' See also ''[[:Category:Gardens|Category:Gardens]] and [[:Category: Historic public gardens|Category:Historic public gardens]]''
*''For public [[botanical garden]]s and [[Arboretum|arboreta]]:'' See also ''[[:Category:Botanical gardens|Category: Botanical gardens]]
*''For [[Protected areas]] including [[National park]]s :'' See also ''[[:Category:Protected areas]]'' and ''[[:Category:National parks]]
[[Category:Outdoor recreation]]
[[Category:Protected areas]]
[[Category:Tourist attractions]]
[[Category:Land use]]
[[Category:Horticulture and gardening]]
[[Category:Landscape architecture]]


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