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बदलांचा आढावा नाही
छो (सांगकाम्याने काढले: pt:Predefinição:Combatente Militar (deleted), de:Vorlage:Infobox Militärperson (deleted))
|सेवावर्षे = १९४२-४५
|हुद्दा = [[सेकंड लेफ्टनंट]]
|सैन्यएककसैन्यपथक = [[ई कंपनी, ५०६वी पायदळ रेजिमेंट|ईझी कंपनी]], २री [[बटालियन]], [[१०१वी एरबॉर्न डिव्हिजन]], [[५०६वी पॅराशूट पायदळ रेजिमेंट]]
|commands =
|लढाया =
| हुद्दा =
| सेवाक्रमांक =
| सैन्यपथक=
| सैन्यएकक =
| commands =
| लढाया =
* '''हुद्दा''' – ''optional'' – the highest rank achieved by the person. Unusual cases, such as this rank not being the last achieved, or the rank being awarded posthumously, may be noted. In cases where the person held different ranks in different armies, multiple ranks should be specified with a date and country note for each. Separate multiple entries using {{Tl|साधीयादी}}.
* '''सेवाक्रमांक''' – ''optional'' – the [[service number]] held by the individual during military service.
* '''सैन्यएककसैन्यपथक''' – ''optional'' – for persons who are not notable as commanding officers, the unit (company, battalion, regiment, etc.) in which they served. This should be omitted if the commands are specified (as above).
* '''commands''' – ''optional'' – for persons who are notable as commanding officers, the units they commanded. Dates should be given if multiple notable commands were held. Separate multiple entries using {{Tl|साधीयादी}}.
* '''लढाया''' – ''optional'' – any notable battles or wars in which the person participated. This should be omitted if a campaignbox is used in conjunction with this template.

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