"गोवा आंतरराष्ट्रीय विमानतळ" च्या विविध आवृत्यांमधील फरक

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The Indian [[Civil Aviation Ministry]] announced a plan to upgrade Dabolim airport in 2006. This involved constructing a new international passenger terminal (after converting the existing one to domestic) and adding several more aircraft stands over an area of about {{convert|4|ha}}. The construction was scheduled to be completed by the end of 2007.<ref>[http://www.hindu.com/2006/09/16/stories/2006091603051600.htm Dabolim airport upgrading will be over by end of 2007]. [[The Hindu]]. Retrieved on 18 February 2007</ref> However delays in transfer of the required land from the Navy have held up proceedings.
== इमारत आणि सुविधा ==
[[File:Dabolim airport Goa waiting hall.JPG|thumb|दुसऱ्या मजल्यावरील प्रतीक्षालय]]
दाबोळी विमानतळाची व्याप्ती अंदाजे ६८८-७४५ हेक्टर आहे. विमानतळ नौसेनेच्या आधिपत्याखाली असून त्यातच १४ हेक्टरचा नागरी आंक्लेव्ह{{मराठी शब्द सुचवा}} आहे. या भागावर भारतीय विमानतळ प्राधिकरणाची सत्ता आहे. यात १२,००० मी<sup>२</sup> क्षेत्रफळ असलेल्या दोन टर्मिनल इमारती आहेत. त्यांपैकी एक अंतर्देशीय तर दुसरे आंतरराष्ट्रीय विमानसेवांसाठी आहे. अंतर्देशीय टर्मिनल १९८३मध्ये बांधलेले आहे आणि तेथून एका वेळी ३५० प्रवासी आवागमन करू शकतात तर १९९६मध्ये बांधलेले आंतरराष्ट्रीय टर्मिनल एकावेळी २५० प्रवासी हाताळू शकते. येथील सुरक्षेसाठी अंदाजे २५० निमलश्करी सैनिक तैनात असतात. विमानतळाबाहेर ८४ कार आणि आठ बस थांबविण्याची सोय आहे.<ref>Goa Agenda: Goa Infrastructure Report. Goa Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Undated (circa 2005/2006)</ref>
दाबोळी विमानतळावरुन रोज अंदाजे ३०-४० विमाने येतात-जातात. नौसेनेने घातलेल्या निर्बंधांमुळे यांतील बहुतांश उड्डाणे सोमवार-शुक्रवारी दुपारी १ ते ६ दरम्यान असतात तर उरलेल्यांपैकी बरीचशी उड्डाणे पहाटे असतात. इतर वेळात नौसेनेचे वैमानिक आपल्या लढाऊ विमानांवर सराव करीत असतात. रात्रीच्या विमानोड्डाणांवर निर्बंध असला तरी नौसेनेच्या परवानगीने अधूनमधून अशी उड्डाणे होत असतात. हिवाळ्यात, विशेषतः [[ख्रिसमस]] व ग्रेगोरियन नववर्षाच्या आसपास येथून सर्वाधिक उड्डाणे होतात. यामुळे या कालखंडात दाबोळीस येण्या-जाण्याची तिकिटे महाग असतात. या काळातील येथून [[दिल्ली]] किंवा [[मुंबई]]ची तिकिटे मुंबई-[[दुबई]] किंवा मुंबई-[[बँगकॉक]]च्या तिकिटांच्या पातळीची असतात.<ref>[http://www.financialexpress.com/fe_full_story.php?content_id=150220 Dev Roy, Atreyee and Sharma, Rouhan. New Year Goa flights on a high. [[Financial Express]].]</ref>
== बांधकाम ==
[[File:Dabolim airport Goa waiting hall.JPG|thumb|Waiting hall at second floor]]
The airport is spread over {{convert|688|ha}} (and possibly {{convert|745|ha|acre|disp=or}}) and consists of a [[civil enclave]] of nearly {{convert|14|ha}}, an increase from its original size of {{convert|6|ha}}. There are two [[Airport terminal|terminal buildings]] operated by the public sector [[Airports Authority of India]] (AAI) which are Public Works Department (PWD) brick and mortar structures with a total floor space of {{convert|12000|m2}}. Of this, a domestic terminal comprises {{convert|2000|m2}} and there is an international terminal that comprises {{convert|1000|m2}}. The remaining space is for other service areas.
येथील धावपट्टीच्या दोन्ही बाजूस नौसेनेच्या सुविधा आहेत. यामुळे धावपट्टीवरुन सैनिक चालत किंवा सायकलींवरुन धावपट्टी ओलांडणे हे नेहमी होत असते. या विमानतळाजवळ नौसेनेचे ६,००० सैनिक-कर्मचारी आहेत तर अधिक ४,००० गोवा पोलिसदलाचे कर्मचारीही येथे तैनात आहेत.
The domestic terminal was built in 1983 and is designed to process 350 arrivals and departures simultaneously, while the international terminal built in 1996 is meant for 250. There are 250 paramilitary personnel stationed at the airport for security purposes. There is provision for parking 84 cars and 8 buses.<ref>Goa Agenda: Goa Infrastructure Report. Goa Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Undated (circa 2005/2006)</ref> The car park has since been reserved for staff vehicles. Private cars and buses have been relegated to spaces outside the airport premises.
Of the 30-40 flights daily, there is a very large concentration of civilian traffic in the period between 1:00 pm and 6:00 pm during weekdays, with the balance in the early morning hours. This is because of naval restrictions for military [[flight training]] purposes. This flight training takes place throughout the year. The huge demand during the peak Christmas/New Year tourist season results in the sharp spiking of air fares during this period.<ref>[http://www.financialexpress.com/fe_full_story.php?content_id=150220 Dev Roy, Atreyee and Sharma, Rouhan. New Year Goa flights on a high. [[Financial Express]].]</ref> Delhi/Mumbai-Goa air fares for this period have become a bench mark of sorts at the upper end, comparable to international fares from Mumbai to Dubai and to Bangkok. Officially, night operations have been permitted and enabled since October 2007 but they have taken place only an ad hoc basis subject to the mandatory clearance of the naval ATC.
The Navy's premises straddle the Dabolim runway and consequently its personnel cross at two points (on foot or bicycles or in vehicles) between flights. One point near the terminal constrains the enlargement of aircraft parking space. Moreover, such crossings pose a potential hazard of the type which downed Concorde in Paris viz. seemingly innocuous debris on the runway. Navy personnel in the Goa area number about six thousand in total, substantially larger in size than the total Goa state police force of less than four thousand.
[[File:Dabolim airport Goa.JPG|thumb|[[Jetजेट Airwaysएरवेझ]]ची vehicles at Dabolimवाहने]]
;टर्मिनल १ - देशांतर्गत
Less than a dozen airlines compete in the domestic market. There are 132 airports in India which can be categorised in sometimes overlapping ways into public sector, private sector, civil enclaves, international, metro, and non-metro. Of these, over 74 are connected at present. Dabolim is connected to only about ten Indian airports (about 35% of the most active ones in the network).

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