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विकिपीडिया, मुक्‍त ज्ञानकोशातून

The above message is not opening for further editing so adding the further list here

5) All wikis,other than english wikipedia ULS input options for input should be availabe as dropdown menu on VE toolbar File:VisualEditor.toolbar.png just below the page settings with sign + eneble input methods/'select input method'/name of current selected input method as heading.

6) When curser hovers over sign it should display text select your input method

7) currrent 'control+m' toggel option is available but is usefull in between selected language keyboard and pc-native keyboard, one more toggle option for bilingual usage like say japanese and sanskrit, this option would be benefitting for wiktionaries.

8) Narayam used to have colour for edit window when typing is on, ULS language settings should offer 3 colours user selectable options for edit window,

8) Make available facility to make ULS input default for special sandbox page for practice

9) Enhance Extension:InputBox with a special 2 new parameter 1) input-language-code 2) Input method from ULS; so these input boxes can be used on input practice page as well as usefull to most language learning articles on various wikibooks

10) For transliterations (without slowing down operations) can ULS offer set of most used words in roman script to word transliteration which gets transliterated when space button is pressed For an example 'aahe' is one of the most used Marathi language word getting transliterated in to आहे after typing 'aahe' + space bar it should automatically transliterate to आहे .List be updatable on translate wiki.This is much simmiller to the way google transliterator works

11) Can WMF request google to make their transliteration freely available as part of mediawiki ULS extension ?

12)Is it possible to have data from selection of input methods to understand and analysis which metods are being selected most by user age wise

13) Certain help text to be added as brief keyboard lay out for mr transliteration टाईप करा (मिळेल): marathi (मरथि), marAthee/maraaThee (मराठी),mahaaraaShTra (महाराष्ट्र), Jnaaneshvara (ज्ञानेश्वर), teMDUlkara (तेंडूलकर) KShaNaardha (क्षणार्ध) pravaasa (प्रवास) pRthvee (पृथ्वी) • rrya ऱ्य, rrha ऱ्ह, E अ‍ॅ, O ऑ || Let us file a bug for this

14) For mr we still need to file some bugs for transliteration keyboard mapping which we were waiting till ULS get operational will be filed soon||We are in still discussion mode

15) Would it be possible in visual editor,for users up to 50 edits marathi words typed in roman script get automatically substituted Marathi Devenagari words||But the second aspect is rather we create feature where in for Marathi wikipedia Devanagari Marathi should remain default font system but we should create technology that accomodates marathi mother tounge people in different part of the world using differet scripts like tamil hibru or roman should be able to use their fonts and participate in Marathi Wikipedia. This shall need Marathi Wikipedia consensus and good amount of quality technological support.

Thank you