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विकिपीडिया, मुक्‍त ज्ञानकोशातून

Which one is correct फिल्मफेयर or फिल्मफेर some pages have it as फिल्मफेअर (ref. अमिताभ बच्चन). I am not sure which one is correct. But if we carry on like this there will be lots of confusing links created. I am planning to add details to actor pages so want to use appropriate spelling. Thanks प्रणव कुलकर्णी १६:०२, ४ एप्रिल २००८ (UTC)

IMO फिल्मफेर is correct. The 'e' sound in फेर is long 'e' sound, as in care, air, dare, pare and not in ker (marathi word), err, der etc. Devnagari has no notation for the long 'e' sound. Some Indian languages, such as Kannada, has it. As such, फिल्मफेर should be used.
अभय नातू १६:५३, ४ एप्रिल २००८ (UTC)

I was visiting intermittently but couldn't find much time to continue stuff here. I ran into couple of examples, "care, mayor , their" (केयर, मेयर, देअर) if we remove Y or A then it will be totally different word same logic can be applied and we should use either फिल्मफेयर or फिल्मफेअर. If possible can someone look at Fair and Lovely advertisement in Marathi news paper that can give us appropriate word :) प्रणव कुलकर्णी २०:३९, २५ एप्रिल २००८ (UTC)

I'd prefer formal rules for such pronunciations if we can find them. Depending on copywriters of Ads in contemperory Marathi media is a patently dangerous idea for the language used in the copy in these ads bears no resemblance to Marathi language anymore.
More importantly, they are under no obligation to follow rules.
Does 'official' Marathi have rules for this? Experts, please weigh in.
अभय नातू २१:१३, २५ एप्रिल २००८ (UTC)