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A request to Jimy Wales

After going through the various articles on Marathi wikipedia I would like to suggest to the team of wikipedia that they allow clip fonts on the internet. If clip fonts are allowed to be used on internet, which is not impossible, a lot many advantages can be introduced in the internet. At present only a certain types in english or roman script fonts are allowed and that makes writing very boring. With clip fonts if introduced writing on internet shall be more interesting. In that my idea is that, User can install his/her chosen clip fonts on the internet for use on his/her blog or email. When this is done he shall be able to write in the font he prefers. Clip fonts are normally based on roman places in the ASCII or corresponding Unicode. That means he shall be able to use the normal english language keyboard to write the message. One more facility will have to be provided along with that as the message is saved, it will be saved embedding the font used. At present the writing in Marathi or any unicode fonts cannot be pasted on MSword text pad. That makes it impossible to copy and paste the article if it is in any unicode. Very often after pasting the article one may want to edit it. That is simply impossible at present. All these difficulties have dicouraged many users to shift from english to marathi or any other indian language. Here one may say that there is provision for installing the unicode however, I have experienced that very often one is pasting on the computer of other user, such as office computer or customer's computer or friends and such, so that there he cannot install the unicode fonts, this is a very big disadvantege while using these unicode fonts. With clip fonts working on english kayboard this problem is solved if the fonts are embedded at the save (something like PDF).

I have been wanting to get this very important facility introduced but I do not get the people who understand and co-operate. This shortcoming I have discussed in brief is making internet least useful to the regional users. This shortcoming means any earning on the internet by the servers is lost. Internet is a business system and this loss is important to them. Considering all these aspects I believe my suggestions will be accepted and implemented.