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The capital of Gujrat is Gandhinagar and not ahmedabad. The distance between there 2 cities is more than 20 km

अहमदाबाद v/s अमदावाद[संपादन]

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I dont think अमदावाद can be called अमदावाद in marathi. I have a lack of grammer knowledge but i think changing nouns is something strange, It gives completly different feel.

I am specially worried because this way are we going to call औरंगाबाद .. औरंगावाद. I am worried.

Maihudon ०५:२६, २१ सप्टेंबर २००७ (UTC)

I think Aurangabad won't be a problem because it is a Marathi city. For Ahmedabad I strongly support keeping Marathi (prachalit) title for the page and redirecting the Gujarati title to Marathi titled page. That the page mentions the Gujarati title is already helpful enough.
BTW, grammar won't help much here because these are proper nouns.
केदार {संवाद, योगदान} १२:४५, २१ सप्टेंबर २००७ (UTC)

This debate has come up regularly here. The policy is to keep the official *local* name as far as possible, with mention of all popular variants and redirections from all other naems.

An oft-cited parallel is Mumbai/Bombay, Poona/Pune, etc. English (and most other) wikipedias refer to Mumbai as Mumbai and not Bombay. If we want to call अमदावाद as अहमदाबाद, we will have no standing while demanding that erstwhile बॉम्बे must now be called मुम्बई.

अभय नातू १४:११, २१ सप्टेंबर २००७ (UTC)

Point taken about Mumbai and Pune but that does not seem to apply here. Is Gujarat Govt officially using अमदावाद in Hindi or Amdawad (or something) in English? English and Hindi Wikipedia have "Ahmedabad" and "अहमदाबाद" pages respectively.
केदार {संवाद, योगदान} १४:५४, २१ सप्टेंबर २००७ (UTC)

Yes, अमदावाद is the official name of the city. I know this from experience (albeit a decade out-of-date), but more importantly, Gujarati wikipedia has the article as अमदावाद अमदावाद on Gujarati Wikipedia.

Abhay Natu १५:१७, २१ सप्टेंबर २००७ (UTC)

Official name of city in Hindi seems to be अहमदाबाद because I see that on many Govt websites (try this vs this). Even Govt of Gujarat website has "Ahmedabad" in English. I am aware that in Gujarati it is indeed "अमदावाद" but I am not convinced we should follow that in Marathi Wikipedia. I would be happy if someone can find an authoritative reference.
केदार {संवाद, योगदान} १९:३७, २१ सप्टेंबर २००७ (UTC)

Official spelling in Hindi and English seems to be Ahmedabad, even on the Gujarat Govt website. However, every time the city is referenced in Gujarati, it is invariably referenced as અમદાવાદ. Here's a link to an official site Gujarat.gov.in link And this link points to a Google search for અમદાવાદ.

MarathiBot १९:४७, २१ सप्टेंबर २००७ (UTC)