सिरसी (कर्नाटक)

विकिपीडिया, मुक्‍त ज्ञानकोशातून



Reaching there[संपादन]

मुख्य पान: Yakshagana
Yakshagana artist with Kirita depicts King
Yakshagana artist with Kedige

Restaurants and hotels[संपादन]



Special sweet dishes in Sirsi[संपादन]

Prominent places in the Taluk of Sirsi[संपादन]

  • Banavasi, the capital of an ancient kingdom in Karnataka (state) ruled by the "Kadamba" dynasty is 24 km away from the Sirsi town center. Banavasi is considered as the "first" capital of Karnataka state, with the current capital being बंगळुरू. Although most of the ancient grandeur of the dynasty in Banavasi has been lost, an ancient temple for Madhukeshwara (Lord Shiva) is still largely intact, and has been declared a monument of historical importance by the Archaeological survey of India.
  • Sahasralinga, (Sanskrit for a thousand Shiva (deity) Linga's) is another place of singnificance, where scultptures carved from stone are installed in the middle of a flowing river. The river is surrounded by lush green forest; the place is about 10 km away from the town center. The place is quite secluded, except during "Maha Shivaratri" celebrations when it receives a sizeable number of pilgrims from the surrounding areas.
  • Sonda, famous for its Sri Vadiraja Matha, and the Swarnavalli Mutt are about 15 km away from Sirsi.
  • Unchalli falls, (also known as Keppa Joga, referring to the other more famous waterfall nearby, Jog falls) is situated about 30 km from Sirsi, and is one of the biggest tourist attractions near Sirsi. The waterfall is a 116 meter drop and offers spectacular views at all times of the year.
  • Yana is a nature's wonder.

Other destinations[संपादन]

  • Shivaganga Falls
  • Burude Falls
  • Benne Hole falls
  • Pancha linga
  • Ganesh Paalu
  • Mattighatta falls
  • Waate Halla falls
  • Muregaar falls
  • "Vedic vana" Bakkala
  • Kumbri gudda(hill)
  • Dhoranagiri
  • Musukina baavi
  • Manjaguni Devasthana
  • Giligundi cave
  • Mabgi falls
  • Batrashi Gudda
  • Baroor Kenchagadde
  • Jog falls
  • a sacred place of Shri Shri Vadiraja swami, by name TAPOVANA is a superb place to visit

Nature and terrain[संपादन]


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बाह्य दुवे (हे इंग्लिश मध्ये आहेत )[संपादन]

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